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Government projects

Child Protection and Welfare Projects, NYC

Avenues team has been working with New York City, Administration for Children’s services (ACS) on an Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) project .

This project is to address certain needs of the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) for improved systems support of agency operations in the areas of case practice, child safety, worker supervision, case management, client eligibility, TANF and claiming. The goal of ICMS is to provide the operations staff of ACS the capability to access the entire record of a case – including reports of abuse and neglect, investigation, protective and preventive services, pre-placement, placement, foster care, adoption, and claiming – from a single front-end application built on an integrated data base. The project addresses a number of major agency objectives:

  • Providing access to the entire record during the life of a case from a single front-end application, establishing “one set of books.”
  • Providing single-point, non-redundant data entry of critical case, individual, and worker data that is shared by and available to all systems.
  • Recording critical data in an electronic system within 24 hours of child welfare “event”
    (i.e., case intake, placement, eligibility determination, etc.).
  • Making critical “operational” data accessible, as appropriate, to other major systems within 24 hours of a child welfare event.

SACWIS Projects

In 1986, the U.S. Congress, concerned about the lack of information available on children in foster care and their families enacted legislation that requires the Federal government to institute a foster care and adoption data collection system. (AFCARS) Ultimately federal regulations were promulgated that required the states to provide such information in a consistent and reliable fashion. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 provided enhanced federal funding for states to build Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems. (SACWIS) The objectives of these systems included assisting the states to submit AFCARS, and to promote the effective administration of services provided in Child Protective, Preventive, Foster Care and Adoption. Avenues has worked on SACWIS projects for New York, and has in-depth expertise and knowledge in the business processes, data and systems as it relates to the of Child Protection & Welfare services.

Department of Employment (DOE), NYC

Avenues worked with the Department of Employment (DOE), New York City and created a data mart where the data from various disparate applications was extracted, cleaned and transformed. It was then loaded into a centralized data mart, using which users could effectively analyze data related to their clients, staff, vendor and type and the quality of the services offered.