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Avenues International awarded the Manpower Group Supplier Excellence Honoree for second consecutive year (2015 & 2014)

Avenues International gets the Manpower Group Supplier Excellence Award Honoree for second consecutive year (2015 & 2014)

Date: Oct 05, 2015
At the Manpower Group (NYSE: MAN) Annual Supplier Event held at their headquarters in Milwaukee WI, Avenues International Inc. was awarded the ‘Manpower Group Supplier Excellence Award’ for the second consecutive year in 2015. Avenues had won the same award also in year 2014.

Avenues was recognized as the best supplier for IT Staffing and Consulting Services, among all the hundreds of Manpower Group suppliers nationwide. 

“It is a great honor to receive this award for two years in a row and it validates our commitment to the client services and excellence” says Anupam Gupta, CEO of Avenues International, who received this award. We appreciate this recognition and like to congratulate Avenues team for all their efforts and great work.

Avenues Big Data Managed Cloud Hosting Solution

Big Data Managed Cloud Hosting Solution from Avenues:

Installing and maintain Hadoop clusters on your own can be difficult. But Avenues in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cloudera can help you eliminate the complexities and cumbersome manual processes associated with maintaining your big data environment.

With our managed hosting solution, you can design the optimal configuration for your data, and leave the infrastructure management details to us.

Please contact us at for more details.

Data Analytic Report on Hospital Inpatient Discharge

The Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS) Inpatient De-identified dataset contains discharge level detail on patient characteristics, diagnoses, treatments, services, and charges. This data contains basic record level detail regarding the discharge; however the data does not contain protected health information (PHI) under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The health information is not individually identifiable; all data elements considered identifiable have been redacted.

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We are partner with cloudera

Cloudera Inc. is a Palo Alto-based American enterprise software company that provides Apache Hadoop-based software, support and services, and training. Cloudera is the leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services and offers a powerful new data platform that enables enterprises and organizations to look at all their data — structured as well as unstructured — and ask bigger questions for unprecedented insight at the speed of thought.

We are partners with Teradata

Teradata pioneered data warehousing nearly 30 years ago. It’s our passion, and it’s all we do. As the global leader in enterprise data warehousing and analytic technologies Teradata offers powerful data warehouse solutions that help large and small companies around the world leverage their data for insightful analysis and decision-making. Teradata offers you:

Extensive ongoing research and development
Experienced force of data warehousing and business intelligence consultants
State-of-the-art Benchmarking Center
Industry-specific Centers of Expertise
Strategic Partnerships

Teradata is recognized by leading academics and consultants, including Gartner, Celent, Ventana Research and AMR Research.

Teradata is consistently named in the top dozen most influential global IT providers in business intelligence by Intelligent Enterprise.

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Amazon AWS Partner

We are a Certified Partner of ‘Amazon Web Services (AWS)’

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides computing resources and services that you can use to build applications within minutes at pay-as-you-go pricing. For example, you can rent a server on AWS that you can connect to, configure, secure, and run just as you would a physical server. The difference is the virtual server runs on top of a planet-scale network managed by AWS.

You pay for your virtual server only while it runs, with no up-front purchase costs or ongoing maintenance costs. Backed by the AWS network, your virtual server can do things no physical server can, such as automatically scaling into multiple servers when demand for your application increases.

Using AWS to build your Internet application is like purchasing electricity from a power company instead of running your own generator, and it provides many of the same benefits: capacity exactly matches your need, you pay only for what you use, economies of scale result in lower costs, and the service is provided by a vendor experienced in running large-scale networks.