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The Term “MDM – Master Data Management”

MDM is to provide and maintain a consistent view of an organization’s core business entities, which may involve data that is scattered across a range of application systems.

The type of data involved in this process varies by industry and organization, but examples: include customers, suppliers, products, employees and finances. Presently, many MDM applications concentrate on the handling of customer data because this aids the sales and marketing process, and can help improve sales and thus revenues.

Master Data Management (MDM), also known as Reference Data Management, is a discipline in Information Technology (IT) that focuses on the management of reference or master data that is shared by several disparate IT systems and groups. MDM is required to warrant consistent computing between diverse system architectures and business functions.

MDM applications that are focused on the inbound data (aggregation) and the outbound master record (distribution) in turn use data integration applications and data integration technologies. Data integration applications solve data integration problems using one or more data integration techniques (data consolidation, data federation, data propagation, changed data capture, data transformation). These techniques are implemented using one of more data integration technologies (EII, ETL, EAI, EDR, ECM, etc.).

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